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This is
Super Extra.

Everything over the top.


Super Extra is a birthday box brand that focuses on delivering the most EXTRA birthday experience to you, in a box.

Super Extra started as a means to create a birthday experience that can be shared with your loved ones, no matter the distance. It's your birthday, YOU'RE THE MAIN CHARACTER and the spotlight is on YOU. And, so we made it a point to design our product such that it is SUPER Instagrammable and help you SHINE EVEN BRIGHTER!


Imagine waking up on a Christmas morning to unwrap the presents with EXTRA-large bows under the tree, but instead of Christmas, it's YOUR birthday and everything you ever need for that special day is packaged in a box!
WOW life really is good.

My Story

I've always enjoyed the gifting season, especially birthdays. And because my friends have always made my birthday nothing short of an adventure, I take birthdays quite religiously. (if birthdays were a religion, that’s where I’d be). The reaction of my loved ones on receiving those gifts, to me, became as fulfilling as the joy of giving itself. Most times going above and beyond to find the perfect gift became a sport. I would rather prefer to gift something wonderful later — than gifting something just for the sake of it. I've traveled a lot and lived in a few different places and naturally, my friends have always been far away from me. Even through the distance, we've always managed to make it special for each other.

The Idea

The idea for Super Extra came about from a conversation I had with two of my close friends. The three of us were on a conversation about gifts/things to send to our loved ones, and how us being on 3 different countries makes it so hard for us to surprise each other on birthdays and other occasions. I take birthdays very seriously, and it became a tradition to make my friends skip school to spend the whole day with me, doing some of the most random things (For example a photoshoot by the Lake or renting out a boat in early October~like why but also, why not?). 

The obsession of looking for the perfect gift became a tradition, even if it took me a whole month to find it!  Looking for the perfect gift was half the challenge, the hardest part is not being able to see the excitement on my friends' faces when they get my presents. I realized that the gift is just as important as the shared experience of it. And of course, let’s not forget~the celebration in style part. The creation of Super Extra is a means to bridge that gap. And so I wanted to create something special, something that allows us to be there for each other on this special day! Super Extra is my solution to that distance; a creation of that experience that allows us to celebrate together, no matter how far. 

If this is something you resonate with, let's be friends! And if you're in need of help picking the perfect gift for your loved ones, my DM is at your service. My personal Instagram is @somewhere.near.horizon

A girl holding a pink cake in her gloved hands. The birthday theme is pink.
A girl posing in a pink outfit, with red satin gloves.
A pink Y2K birthday theme aesthetic
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